Stress Management

A message from the Founder

Kyle Godfrey, the Founder of Tune, explained to me when we first met “You’re not an anxious person. You’re a person experiencing a moment of anxiety…which is a completely normal reaction given the uncountable inputs and pings that flood us day in and day out. ”

She goes on to say “These hits put our nervous system in sympathetic fight-flight-freeze mode far too often”— sharing that” it’s estimated we spend upwards of 80% of our lives in this stress response state while we were only equipped to be in it  about 4% of the time.”

She explains further “What evolved as a survival mechanism to give you a burst of energy to react fast to life-threatening situations is now burning you out in record time.” 

These imbalances can have a negative impact on our weight loss and fitness efforts. 

The Optimum Result is the first Heath Facility to ever incorporate tuning into their fitness approach. 

By tuning a minimum of 3 x’s a week studies have found that our bodies, our nervous system, can become re-balanced, thus allowing our body to perform at its peak. 


Allow for a deeper, more dynamic and creative thought processes to take place by balancing the brain to flow state. The Create session is very supportive to induce flow state.


Balance the circadian rhythm and allow for a more effective sleep cycle pattern. The Sleep session is very supportive with jet lag repair.


Work with the brain and body in equal parts to allow for deep rejuvenation. The Recovery session is very supportive regenerative additive for athletes.


Open up joy and ease while relieving deeply wound stress with the added bonus of an energy boost. The Brighten session is very supportive as a mood booster.


Allow for the body and brain to re-balance intense or overwhelming emotions. The Cleanse session is very supportive with restoring emotional clarity.


Allow for deeper, longer periods of concentration. The Focus session is very supportive to reduce brain fog.

About Tune & The Frequencies

Times have changed but our bodies haven’t— the same nervous system that had us running from lions thousands of years ago now fires off every time we receive a challenging email.

Our bodies literally can’t tell the difference and process all stress as life or death. And as accelerate into the most complex times known to mankind, we find ourselves overwhelmed at levels we’re simply not equipped for. In the nonstop era of survival of the fastest.

We are accelerating at a pace our bodies alone can’t keep up with. That’s where TUNE comes in, reducing stress by 54% and expanding your nervous system’s capacity to process complex information necessary to get through the day.  No matter what you come to the table with,  TUNE manually resets your nervous system so you can self-regulate in the face of all life’s complexity to not only survive but thrive in modern times.



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